Updated 3-5-2011

Who are these links?
They are free hosts!

Why should I care?
Because they were selected from a 2-year durability study on in which many fly-by-night outfits were eliminated. Hosts who are no longer eligible vanished from the board.

The current entrants are listed approximately in order of rotation strength as emerged from the study. They are:

CWahi Crosswinds: Winner of Study! - Up for 10 years, hopes to be resilient to surge traffic. Let's find out!
Babblehost: Entrant from Round 3 of the study that moved up the ranks to second place.
IsMyWebsite: Been up for 4 years, they were in second place for a while, but they are back after a period of downtime.
My-Webhost: Round 4 second attempt by an owner who ran into some problems earlier in the study. They are looking solid.
PerfectZ is a Round 5 entry with a few outages from malicious attacks, but otherwise still holding together.

Except for a possible wildcard slot, the study is now closed to new entries.

What are those green bars?
They are little graphics hosted as indicators to make a combined dashboard. (So far no one's cheating!) If the green bar is up, the host is at least partially up. The link list at the top of the ReVision front pages is my form of Linkback - but it doubles as an uptime log! So if the host goes down, their "GreenLight" vanishes for the world to see. The link set at the bottom of this article uses the same principle, but goes to the panel logins.

Who should I pick as a link?
The hosts are listed from left to right in their placement in the study. CWahi claims to be able to take a pounding, so have at'em. The rest are more typical hosts, and may eventually be susceptible to heavy spike traffic. CWahi got kicked off for advertsing "unlimited" bandwidth, in that glorious markerting sense of "the universe is finite but we're not going to tell you" Telco-Type-Style. He might object "But I didn't mean Surge traffic", but really, see what he's got - he is the current winner of the study because everyone yelled at him from the semantic viewpoint but no one actually busted his claim. Sure you'll take him down, but he ought to make it at least an hour. Note: Malicious attacks are NOT included!

I ran a modestly fair study. It was meant as 50% educational to the hosts, so yes, a couple of them got slightly more leeway etc. Put simply, it was an *OPT-IN* (how rare is THAT lately?) study. "All you have to do is Not Croak". They croaked anyway. It set a minor record over at FWS for one of the longest threads in their history, and also sent notice to the maturation of the industry that BS needed to stop. The current crop of entrants has currently whittled down to the few who might have what it takes to last.

The study thread is here: Study thread
Basic Site link FWS here: FWS Forums

Note on Indicator Color:
Babblehost is self-rated to accept Adult Material clients.That is the meaning of the Red Icon. Because you can see it, they are up. If they experienced downtime, the graphic would vanish completely by failing to load.

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